For those looking for side dishes or delicious pairings, you’ll find a wide selection in our deli case.

  • A variety of daily lunch and dinner choices
  • Fresh juices
  • Soup of the week
  • Salads
  • Homemade pastrami and brisket
  • Fresh made pasta and raviolis
  • Various Asian dishes
  • Dips for aperitif
  • Selected hams and salami (excusive from Corsica and Spain)
  • All you need for a great BBQ, from meat to fish, the perfect sauce, hot bacon potatoes and salads


Featuring many traditional seafood selections from lobster to various shrimps, clams, king crab, oysters and much more.

We have some composed seafood platter, or you can make your own choice and put together whatever you fancy.

(for 2 people)


1 whole Canadian Lobster (500-600 gr)

4 Crab Claws

100gr Periwinkles

10 Whelks

100gr whole Grey Shrimps

6 Langoustines (raw or cooked according to your request)

6 Shrimps 6 Gillardeau N° 2

6 Fines de Clair N°3 Cooked

King Crab Legs (400gr)

Homemade mayonnaise, cocktail sauce, lemons, shallot vinegar.

(for 2 people)


2 pieces of cooked 8/12 Black Tiger Gambas

3 Gillardeau N°2 Oysters

3 Fine de Clair N°3 Oysters

4 Clams 100gr bouquet Prawns

6 Crab Claws unpeeled

Cooked Whelks

2 cooked or raw Langoustines

6 cooked Shrimps


Homemade mayonnaise, cocktail sauce, lemons, shallot vinegar.


Composed according to your choice

  • 1 Canadian Lobster (500-600gr)
  • 1 European Lobster (500-600gr)
  • Fine de Clair Orléon N°3
  • Gillardeau N°3
  • Belons N°0
  • Cooked Crab Claws
  • Amandes
  • Cooked Whelks
  • Periwinkles
  • Mussels
  • Praires
  • Cooked King Crab (1 Leg +/- 200gr)
  • Whole Gray Shrimps
  • Bouquet Shrimps
  • Cooked Black Tiger Shrimps (04/06)
  • Langoustines (Cooked or Raw)
  • Organic Cooked Shrimps (20/30)



Bring the seven seas to your kitchen with our large selection of smoked salmon. We have the best smoked Borvo salmon as well as our home smoked salmon imported from Scotland. It is meticulously cleaned salted, smoked and sliced, saving you precious time and labour. Borvo smoked salmon, sockeye smoked wild salmon and homemade organic gravlax salmon, all served with blinis, cream, capers. In addition, we couldn’t be complete without a selection of different Caviar.


We put the hard work into our cooking so you don’t have to!

We are known for our traditional recipes which have stood the test of time for almost a decade. We offer a wide variety of meals, ranging from fresh weekday menu ideas, to full entertaining solutions. All of our delicious items are prepared fresh daily by our team.

Our goal is to feed our community high-quality, home cooked meals that are easy to heat up. Simply pick up a fresh meal that is ready to eat when you are, or enjoy a hot plate onthe-go! You will also find some seasonal dishes going from boeuf bourguignon to Bouchée à la Reine and Veal Stew, our couscous or delicious and flavourful paella.

Our cold cuts are sliced to perfection, we have exclusive Corsica hams and salami. In our smoker we will provide you the best brisket and pastrami you could possibly find. Complete your sandwich or platter with our assortment of cheese.

From end of September to December, you will find our Foie Gras. Chosen carefully from a French farm, we deliver a perfect product rich in taste and flavour. You can choose among plain foie gras or with truffles.


Good dairy is sometimes not easy to find, it is our mission to feature only the highest quality dairy products – both imported exclusives and local goods. Start your morning right with our plain or ½ fat microfiltered milk. Try our delicious cheese. Our dairy products are always fresh, following the strictest storing and serving procedures, you truly get a from the dairy barn to your fridge experience.

Our best cheese is for sure our home stuffed Brie de Meaux with our secret truffle cream.



They are crucial to making any dinner a tasty and fulfilling one. We are proud of our no corner cutting approach, our salads are meticulously made right at the deli using high quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives.

Free yourself from the kitchen with our large selection of over salads. From potato salad to tomato, carrots, cucumber, lentils and many more.



What is better than the aroma of fresh soup filling your home? Having it made for you! Without stepping a foot into the kitchen.

Soup can’t exactly make an illness go away, but there’s a reason it’s known as a natural home remedy.

Our kitchen offers delicious soups. With the top two sellers being Vietnamese beef noodle soup and lentil soup.


Eventum Urban Delicatessen is where a great day starts! We have lunch and dinner options made fresh daily for our on-the-go customers.

For lunch, you’ll find a range of choices from our sandwiches to soups, paninis and more. It’s a smorgasbord of tastiness.

For dinner, keep it simple, call ahead and make it easier with quick pick up. We are always looking for ways to enhance the shopping experience for our on-the-go customers.